Colonel Chestbridge is the leader of the Danger 5 team and promptly informs them of their missions at the beginning of each episode. He is portrayed by Tilman Vogler.


Chestbridge is a no-nonsense Colonel who takes priority in the successful. While normally strict, he has been known to drink occasionally on the job, ordering a Bangkok Sunrise from Pierre. He has a distaste for those who interrupt him, especially Claire, who he often chides whenever given the opportunity. He is fond of using his 'sit down' gun to demand attention from the team when they are goofing off.

Death and Rebirth Edit

The Colonel was killed in the season 2 episode- 'Merry Christmas Colonel' by Adolf Hitler dressed as Santa Claus, in a mall.


The Colonel after being shot multiple times by Adolf Hitler

After his death, Chestbridge comes back to life a few episodes later.

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